Decal Vinyl Punisher Hood for Jeep Wrangler Sticker Skirt trunk Vent

Decal Vinyl Punisher Hood for Jeep Wrangler Sticker Skirt trunk Vent
Decal Vinyl Punisher Hood for Jeep Wrangler Sticker Skirt trunk Vent

Decal Vinyl Punisher Hood for Jeep Wrangler Sticker Skirt trunk Vent

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Decal Vinyl Stripes for Jeep Wrangler Hood Sticker Skirt trunk Vent Punisher

 High grade Vinyl as Factory Spec (Polymeric).

Many Colors, please Add a note on your order or messages us.


Step 1: Clean the vehicle surface thoroughly. Pay special attention to edges, and cracks that may be hiding dust or grime.

Step 2: Test fit by holding your vinyl in place with masking tape. Mark position with tape, or tape in place along top edge, allowing you to peel the backing paper. Make sure the decal is not backwards. Right side decals will only fit well on the right side of the car and vice-versa for the left side

Step 3:Wet vehicle surface with water solution (See general instructions above). Try to avoid getting the backing paper wet. It would cause it to break down and make it harder to remove.

Step 4: Peel backing paper and generously spray adhesive side of vinyl with water solution. 

Step5: Make sure positioning is correct. (Water allows you to temporarily slide the vinyl around the surface). Once you’re happy with the position, move to the next step.

Step 6: If working with solid stripes, or unmasked vinyl, spray top of vinyl before you squeegee to avoid scratches. If in doubt, spray more. It’s good to work with lots of solution, even on your hands.

Step 7: Firmly squeegee vinyl in place, working from center out. If the vinyl moves at all while trying to squeegee, spray more solution and carefully reposition. Be careful not to stretch the vinyl too much as it might deform.                                                                   

Step 8: Spray masking / transfer tape to loosen and let sit for 5 minutes. This allows it to loosen enough and also give the vinyl time to stick better to the car’s surface.

Step 9: Carefully peel back masking / transfer tape, keeping it flat with the surface so you don’t peel up the fresh vinyl. If some of the vinyl peels off you can add solution and slip back into place and squeegee again. 

Step 10: Trim extra overlap along edges with razor blade if needed. In more cases you won’t need to trim, though some kits require it. Just be careful not to scratch the paint when trimming. Most bubbles will squeegee out. However, some remaining bubbles can be carefully popped with a needle or corner of your razor blade before pressing down on it again.

Step 11: Park in the sun to help the stripes dry quicker. The hot sun will also help get rid of some bubbles. Allow few days with the car in a sun before attempting to wash the vehicle. During this time, be gentle when you wipe down the car or the graphics to avoid damaging them. After a few days you can begin to handle the car as you normally would.


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